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Complete turnkey brewery for sale

July 13th by

Business opportunity available for a near immediate start in brewing your own Label.

Cheeky Peak Brewery in Wodonga (North East Victoria) is changing their focus on the Beer Industry and are wanting to put all their energy into their Home Brewing business.

There are 2 options available:

  1. Move in to the existing building, take over the lease and equipment and start brewing and dispensing nearly straight away.;
  2. Purchase the 500l Braumeister along with the associated bits and move it to your own location.

Cheeky Peak Brewery in Wodonga

Option 1 is a walk in/walk out arrangement, where Cheeky Peak will move the retail out of the current location and leave all the Brewery and Bar related equipment to start brewing and dispensing. This option, the only thing that does not go with the brewery is the “Cheeky Peak Brewery” name and the building . Licences will be transferred to new occupier along with the Lease (all subject to approval by the appropriate bodies). Existing brewery client list also goes with this option.

Option 2 is just the brewing equipment, click here for the entire brewery list and price. This would be an ideal opportunity for a restaurant, bar or cafe that has some spare space out the back and would like to start their own brewery as a side project.

All available from the 1st July 2017

Please contact Matt Hamilton for more information.

Source: Brew News

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