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Casella releases Yellow Tail beer

February 4th, 2016 by

Casella Family Brands, creator of Yellow Tail wine, has confirmed it is releasing Yellow Tail beer into two test markets in the US.

Today’s announcement that the company will be “bringing its uncomplicated approach to the craft beer segment in the US” confirms long-running speculation, as reported by Australian Brews News in September 2015.

The flagship brew, Australian Pale Ale, is now available in kegs in the Tidewater region of Virginia and will be rolling out in on-premise locations in Rhode Island by mid-February.

This will be followed by a roll-out in those states of the entire range, Australian Pale Ale, Sunset Lager and Whistling Wheat, in 12 fl. oz. bottles, being offered to on and off-premise locations beginning March 2016.

[yellow tail] Beer creative_sml

Creative for the new Yellow Tail beers

Casella has confirmed the beers will be contract brewed by Australian Beer Company, its joint venture with Coca-Cola Amatil, adding to the Riverina brewery’s roster of contract customers.

Casella says Yellow Tail beer is “refreshing without bitter notes so frequently found in other beers”.

“The beer is full of taste and highlights the wonderful natural flavours that Australia has to offer,” the company says.

“The brews have been created to reflect the sun-kissed Aussie lifestyle, offering consumers a craft beer that is flavourful yet approachable.”

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Source: Brew News

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