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Thirsty for beer is a website all about Beer, Babes, Sport and much more. The site was developed in 2007 by two young men from Sydney’s northern beaches Australia.

Their idea was to create a website about some thing that they love, are passionate about and enjoy. This love was Beer! So they both got to work, creating Thirsty to help enrich their knowledge and skills, and develop new technologies in the creative industry

As the website grew the audience grew with it. With so much positive feedback from their audience and sponsors they decided to create a YouTube viral video in 2011.

What we didn’t expect is that 2 years down the track we would be rated as one of the top beer commercials on google and have over 16 million hits on YouTube.

Since then we have created a BRAND NEW website. We are looking to get a Thirsty Brew in bottle shops and create another bigger, better, beerier and sexier commercial.

Who we are

Thirsty For - Scott

Scott Windon has being working in Design and Hospitality for over 10 years now. A large portion of his family work in the Film and Television industry, starting from his grand father. His father Ron Windon has shot, directed and produced commercials for study Web Design and Media, he eventually found a love of cooking and decided to do a Chef’s Apprenticeship. After which he’s moved his way up the ladder running large kitchens, managing hotels, bars, and restaurants. During this time Scott has been working with many different types and brands of beer, drinking, tasting, brewing, and cooking with beer.

Thirsty For - Jesse

Jesse Press is a highly motivated, multi-­ award winning Digital Producer with over 8 years experience in creative multimedia He has assisted numerous Multinational corporations and SME’s in the development, execution and ongoing management of their online marketing and multimedia strategy.

He has worked extensively throughout Asia and Europe including Hong Kong, Singapore, Austria, Italy, Norway, Bulgaria and the UK. In his capacity as a producer he was responsible for all stakeholder management activities including liaising with a the ongoing management of our key account holders commercial imperatives.

It was only natural that they would combine their interest in beer, and thus Thirsty was born.